Unversity of Cambridge

  • Lent term 2020/21/22: Standard Model example classes (Lecturer: Prof. F. Quevedo, co-author of lecture notes, click here (to be published in 2022))

  • Lent term 2021/22: Advanced Quantum Field Theory example classes (Lecturer: Prof. M. Wingate)

  • Lent term 2021: Drop in sessions Advanced Quantum Field Theory

  • Michaelmas term 2020: Supervisor and Host at the Part III Seminar Series

Ruprecht Karl University of Heidelberg

  • Summer term 2018: Quantum Mechanics (Lecturer: Prof. A. Hebecker)

  • Winter term 2017/18: Electrodynamics (Lecturer: Prof. B. M. Schäfer)

  • Summer term 2016: Mathematical Methods in Physics (Lecturer: Prof. M. Salmhofer)

  • Winter term 2015/16: Classical Mechanics (Lecturer: Prof. M. Bartelmann)